Parrots Falling from the Skies

I’ve read posts from members on the forum of walking outside and having someone’s (probably lost) parrot land on their head or shoulder and always chuckled at the idea of parrots just dropping from the sky. I think this story out of Australia takes it to a whole new level. The comments on the page are priceless. Enjoy. :)

“Drunk parrots litter Australian town” « Don Surber

The story: “Hundreds of seemingly drunk parrots are falling out of trees and the sky in a northern Australian town, mystifying veterinary surgeons who are struggling to care for them. The brightly coloured lorikeets are showing classic …

Publish Date: 06/05/2010 8:00

And boy are they noisy! How’d you like to have that in your back yard? LOL

Video: Lorrikeets get drunk on fermented flower nectar


  1. Actually this is how I got my QP. She/he landed on a ladies shoulder in her yard and the lady thought she was being attacked. A neighbor with a little more sense came to the rescue and took the QP to the avian vet. No one claimed her and she was offered to us and is our baby now. We adopted her a week ago and she is doing step up on a perch from her cage. Once out of her cage she steps up on our hand and we spend time together daily. She has been very loving and gives kisses.

  2. My office is on the South Side of Chicago which is a known area for feral Monks (Quakers). Mine adopted me yesterday when he walked straight toward me and hopped onto my shoe! I realized he was a baby from the pin feathers on his head and the poor thing was shivering. So, I scooped him up and took him home. I hope I have as much luck as Eva’s mom.

  3. Heidi Reyes says:

    I had 2 quakers… but one day… my friend told me to go to her house quick becuase a parrot laded in her backyard. Then, she sended me a picture message and i saw that it as a quaker parrot!!!! So, I went to her house and she gave me the quaker now I have 3 an dthe one she gave me now is named Paco, the others are Baby and Rachel!!!!

  4. Felix Acevedo says:

    Hi my name is felix, on Veterans day of 2010 a QP landed on my shoulder,She/he was hungery and thirsty.Angel is wut i named her/him.Angel has bin with me ever since.Angel has truly bin a blessing in my life.Angel is amazing,and She (i think)says hello,come’ere,come’on,no,and whistle’s.Angele chose me and is truly spoild.So i was adopted by her.She has a run of the house and is very affectionate.She is very selective and only ride’s on my shoulder and my grilfriend’s.Ocasionaly on my dawter’s shoulder.I was amased to now that this has hapend to other’s.

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