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Pluto's Chatter Time

    Aug 26 2005 05:01 PM
    Pluto is one of my favorites. I love the way he bounces his head when he talks or sings. I could tell he was singing the little quaker song but i don't know the words so all I could understand was "open the cage and let me out." What are the words? Soooo cute. Thanks for the movie!
    Hi yvonne,

    How is your dancing going? smile.gif


    This is what Pluto says in the movie in order.

    how you going?

    wolf whistle

    what ya doing?

    shake hands (repeated)

    good boy

    sing a song?

    I'm a little quaker green and stout
    open the cage and let me out...

    His naughty noise (when he bites us)

    yum yum yum yum (repeated)

    boogie (repeated)

    I ask "what does a chicken say?" he replies with chicken call

    chicken call

    whatta good - asking me to tell him what a good boy

    I'm a little quaker green and stout
    open the cage
    better pick me up

    Sing a song?

    chickety china

    chicken call

    chickety china

    chickety china chinese chicken (said with mum)

    go potty

    good boy

    bye bye

    come on come ere

    peek a boo (repeated)

    Sep 23 2005 02:57 PM