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What Kiwi likes to do in the tub sometimes...

This is one of Kiwi's favorite things to do in the bathtub. He does it on the floor a lot too, but it's much more funny in the bathtub. And don't worry, he's not doing it because the water is too hot or too cold...it's lukewarm water. Unfortunately, tonight he figured out it wasn't a good idea to do it right under the running water because it wasn't very easy to flap up that way...he didn't like that too much! You'll see what I mean when you watch it. Sorry about the bad coloring, the lighting there was not very good and I took it with my digital camera, not a video camera. Also, sorry about the watermark. This is the first video I've taken with my camera and just realized that the format it uses does not work with windows media player and is not compatible with this website. So I had to find a quick free program and they all put watermarks on there. Anyway, enjoy!

    Oct 26 2005 11:31 PM
    That is soooo cute. I'll have to try Pepper in the tub.
    I saw that when you first posted it, but I think somebody was talking to me when I viewed it. Seeing it again, I was laughing pretty hard. I love how Kiwi walks back up to the shallow end after getting blasted, like, "Huh?" laugh.gif Way funny.