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Beautiful Twiz

I tell him all the time, "Look at those beautiful feathers!" It's a hard word for him to say, but he's giving it a try along with a lot of other endearments he hears everyday.

    that is sooooooooo cute although i didint really hear twiz say beautiful i heard your so sweet. very cute talented talker.
    Mar 10 2006 02:29 PM
    He doesn't say it. He says a lot of syllables that start with "b" in several places on the clip. Toward the end I think he gets "ful" on the end of some sounds! :lol:That's what's so endearing to me. He's trying so hard to say such a hard word.
    Hey everyone I'm new here an my Baby Blue-Boy just loves these clips. He goes grazy trying to find the bird thats talking lol biggrin.gif I just wanted to ask how long it took for your bird to start talking so much? I talk an play with my bird everyday for about 2 hours at a time a couple times a day. He will give me a kiss an say hello an he chatters alot lol I have only had him for about 4 months an the day I bought him I had washed my hands an reached to touch him an he bit me lol An when I turned to walk away he laughed at me, so you see I just had to have him. He's a Blue Quaker an I dont have any pics yet but when I do I will post a few. He's about a year old now so he was a biting lil thing when I first got him. When I go some where I leave the tv on for him hoping he will pick up words from there too. So how long did it take to get your bird to talk?? lol If anyone else has any vids of their birds talking I sure would appreciate if you could send them to me or post them here, Thanks for your time, Debbie & Blue-Boy smile.gif
    May 06 2006 08:53 PM
    He talks soooo good. I haven't watched the movies in a while so I have really had a good laugh this evening with Twiz and Pluto!