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I would like to introduce my guy "Sam"

I would like to introduce my guy "Sam"

I rescued Sam from a bad abusive environment and I have had him for over a year now. He is still afraid of the hand but will come to you if you bend the hand down and let him start with the rist. We were told that he is about 5 years old when we got him and that we are the third set of parents for him. He seems very happy now with us. Sings us songs and will fly to our shoulders. If I say "kisses" and do kissing sounds he will reach forward (no touching) and click his beak together quickly in a kissing manner. Very cute!

    aww, sweet little boy. my petrie does the same thing! sometimes he'll even touch my lips! lol. maybe sam will too! im all for animal rights and what you're doing is very honorable. he deserves a good family and a healthy lifestyle.... this really touches me* wub.gif
    Mar 24 2009 12:56 AM
    he is precious!