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My fisrt photo!

My fisrt photo!

Hi everyone, im a newbie....and this is Lucky, I found him wandering in my parking lot, so I brought him in.... Lucky seems to be happy in a new home.

    he is cute! how lucky were you to find this little guy???!!!

    oh my gosh. he is the sweetest little thing ever!!! wub.gif to the comment before me... more like, how lucky is LUCKY!! lol. its sad how easy it is to lose one of these little guys, thats why we have to be so careful! but it sounds like you two were meant for each other!! good luck! he's darling*
    I am glad he has you. I have lost 2 quackers that have flown away. One was afew years ago and a friend took him outside and he took his first flight up and away. The other was this summer, one of my breeders took off through a whole in the breeder house, which has since been repaired. wub.gif