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Twiz Says Splish Splash!

Twiz usually just goes to the sink to let us know he wants a bath. This time he says, "Splish splash!"
And then he "watches" birds. It's very funny to hear him say, "Wow!" and "That's great!" just the way I do. laugh.gif And if you listen carefully you will hear his attempt at "woodpecker". Ree says that only a mother would hear it! wub.gif

    Jan 16 2007 08:52 AM
    That is so awesome Twiz.

    Sounded like he said "lets go to the bathroom"
    and "look at the birds."
    I could swear I heard "woodpecker" too.

    So much fun to watch, Thanks.

    Meissa- Chi Chi's Mom
    Zeus and Mum
    Jan 16 2007 08:09 PM
    ohmy.gif Twiz is such an incredible talker. I just love it when he said "splish splash" how cute is that. Zeus and i did hear woodpecker it was crystal clear, and his "wow" well what more is there to say but WOW!!!!!. TWIZ YOU ROCK!!!! wub.gif
    Wow Twiz is cool
    Jan 23 2007 01:08 AM
    Is it just me or does Twiz always seem to be in perfect beautiful feather? So cute!
    Jan 23 2007 09:27 AM
    QUOTE(nicolebable @ Jan 23 2007, 01:08 AM)

    Is it just me or does Twiz always seem to be in perfect beautiful feather? So cute!

    Thanks! You must have missed his big molt earlier this year! tongue.gif He still was beautiful but his wings were spotty and uneven and the pinfeathers were poking out!
    John - CRUNCHY
    Feb 17 2007 10:53 AM
    Love the Splish Splash!!!
    your bird sounds awesome...i do have a question for you mine says peek a boo and wheres bella and bad words too why isnt she picking up other things we try to teach her like abc's or songs? is she being stuborn or what? how did you teach yours to talk so good and how old is yours? mine is only 6 months old right know .

    please i'll take any sugestions and also she will only come to me what do i do???

    thank you,
    bella bird
    Oct 01 2007 03:03 PM
    Sorry to be so slow about answering your questions! I hardly ever look back at old videos.

    Twiz is 3 1/2. He didn't begin talking until he was about 8 months. He was listening though! He didn't pick up ABCs or songs right away. The best way to think about teaching things to your bird is not to try! laugh.gif I always just talk to Twiz like I would a smart child or a friend. He loves to hear silly sounds and hard words so I say them with a light happy voice. Quakers tend to repeat things we say with strong feelings (swear words).

    I let Twiz ride on my shoulder while I walk around the house and tell him about things. We watch birds out the windows and I sing songs to him. Some things he learns to say and some not. I give him lots of love and praise all the time wheather he says anything or not! laugh.gif