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MoonJi was broadcast nationally.

MoonJi was broadcast shortly across Korea a couple of weeks ago by KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) which is Korea public broadcasting.

One month ago,at the beginning of this TV program, I got the phone call from TV's PD. PD has wanted to visit my home to record MoonJi, but I did not agree his proposal. because it can give a lot of stress to MoonJi. So, Instead of recording I provided some movies which were recorded by myself before.

TV PD talked me MoonJi's movies will be broadcast across Korea one bye one continuously.

Happy day !! smile.gif

    Feb 20 2007 09:23 AM
    Moonji is a STAR! Congratulations to Moonji and family! We will be looking forward to more!
    That is wonderful! MoonJi is a TV star! You have done a wonderful job with him.
    woohooo that is awesome