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Twiz Caws Like a Crow

Twiz loves to do animal impressions! Here he does a chickadee and a crow and some others. His all time favorite question is, "What does the chicken (say)?" He never seems to get tired of it! tongue.gif

    Thanks Judi! Nothing like a new Twiz video to brighten things up on a rainy Sunday.
    Wow~ The sound is the very same !!
    Did you teach ?
    Feb 24 2008 09:43 AM
    Twiz we love you baby! Joey says hello Twizzlebeak!
    Apr 22 2008 09:27 AM
    Aww twizzie I love you!
    I was wondering what is twizzes diet like? We love Twizzy! Gracie lets me know every couple of days that she wants to go see the Twiz
    Twiz is one of the sweetist and most inteligent birds i have ever seen wub.gif