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My Quaker - Green

Posted by Minnu & Green :) , 19 June 2012 · 4,178 views

I joined this forum early Jan 2012 and have not posted anything so far. I had couple of posts in shout box on the which can be referred to as "first time mommy issues" :) like my bird not drinking water properly, he is always chewing or biting etc. Now it's time to write about my Green.

Me and two of my friends use to be regular visitors of pet stores in this area to check out the birds and animals there. I had 4 orange cheek finches – that's all the bird experience I had. Late in Nov 2011, it was in Petco I found a fluffy green and grey ball looking out desperately to play.. looked to be bored of the toys he had!. I was whistling there and he was listening to me very carefully. I liked him so much and became his everyday visitor. I liked him so much but he was too costly for me to afford ($329). Suddenly I saw his price went down to $124 and I told my friends "Now he is coming home with me". Prior to that we were doing some research and all and got to know that it is always best to get birds from breeders since you will get all the details of the bird including its DNA traits. Also cost was around $60. But I felt that if I am getting a bird that will be that green bird in the store (that's how I was referring to him). He came home with me (I was thinking it's a She! Later did a DNA test to unravel the mystery!)

He took a while to get accustomed to his new home and after that he is just fine. Only thing which he wanted was Freedom and it is always Green's free will here J . – I think that's what he want more than food and water. I cannot call him as a sweet bird. He is another person staying with me and always want me around him. He loves me so much and I can feel it every time. Some of things which he does if I tell it was difficult for others to understand, but when they see it in person- they are so surprised that a bird will do like this !! (certain things which only a bird's friend can understand!). He likes to play and talk on phone. But scared of many of the toys- takes a while and later get use to all of the toys. I have to leave him at home (not in the cage- he will be outside- cage door will be open when he wants he can go in) while I leave for work. I have finches (11 grownups, 3 babies & 1 egg) also at home. And whenever I go near them, I can see how possessive Green is on me. He doesn't like me paying much attention to any others (including my mom :P ). He use to travel around on my shoulder- have taken him comfortably outside to the patio when I water my plants, to mail room, my friend's apt. He always stick to me and always behaved nice. The days I can't spend time, he will express his anger very well – he can be like a nagging wife sometimes :P – telling complaints and the expressions – it says it!! He hate to sleep when I am awake and will be doing lot of drama when I try to put him to bed.

He hates strangers at home and won't get along that easily. Most of my friends got nicely bitten by him! His vocabulary is not that nice- I felt he like doing things than talking. But he talks – hmm (in different tones, picked it from me :D ), peek a boo, Minnu (my mom calls me like that), Amma (in Indian language it means mom), whistles. He imitates coughing and laughing nicely. Now I think I can understand his language very well. He hate to be alone- he can't! He likes to dine with us and always get his space on our sofa too !! I don't need an alarm. He wakes up and first thing he does he walk on me and wake me up. After that he will give me the most precious "good morning kiss". He thinks that getting one sip from my morning tea is his birth right!

Never thought that a bird can get this much close and attached to me. He is one of the greatest and happiest thing that happened in my life. I don't know to express in words – my day starts and ends with him, a companion– never let me think that am alone, the small feet that follow me everywhere, waiting for me to get back from work and greets me with his "Quak!" and so onnnnnn :)

April (Kiwi's Mom)
Jul 11 2012 02:34 AM
I love this blog!! Sooo sweet!! I feel the same way!
Lorraine 47
Jul 25 2012 09:27 AM
Your story is very touching how you rescued your little green you obviously love him very much . I hope you don't mind if I mention that tea is harmful to parrots. If you got him his own little cup of water and gave it to him when you had your tea he would soon take to it. His own dolls china cup would be really cute.

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