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Question Broken Eggs

Posted by debbagirl , 26 March 2014 · 8,754 views

Im posting a question not sure if this is where I do it but I have a pair of quakers male and female and she has laid an egg every other day,I have not bothered them and have provided a nesting box etc but every time I look at her egg its broken so I remove it and wait for the next one and the same thing,she has had four so far and know this can be her limit but was wondering if I want to incubate the egg how long do I have once I remove it to get an incubator?.I wish she would be able to do it herself but either she's breaking them or the male ?? I have read a little on this but am not too sure.Any suggestions? Thanks

An egg can last about 5 minutes being cold before the developing chick dies. What you can do is put rice in 2 long tube socks, heat the socks in the microwave for about 1 minute or until you feel is warm enough
And emidietly place the egg between the socks in a plastic container. However,this requires alot of work. You will have to warm up the socks every 30 mins to an hour,but its worth it.

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