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Update On Gator... And The Rest Of My Fids

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Posted 24 June 2014 - 07:33 PM

A brief overview.... I have Cricket, a "male" green quaker, Tierney, a female parakeet, Alistair, a male parakeet, Gator, a male quaker and Bailey, my elderly blind male cat.  I took Gator in as one of my own from someone on this site.  He had a girlfriend, Sky, but she passed away October 2013.  It seems longer but I guess it hasn't been.  Gator misses her but he's doing good!


I had to move in with my parents for awhile to pay off some credit card debt and the cages were kinda cramped.  Gator and Sky didn't come out of their cage often and I thought it was just the new environment but I moved into a new apartment 2 months ago and Gator is SO happy here!  He's the first one out of his cage when I open them.  It makes my heart happy!!


Cricket isn't the friendliest bird with anyone but me but he has ventured out of his comfort zone and will now hang out on Gator's cage... even while Gator is out.  Gator is so laid back he doesn't care.  They don't interact but just seeing them out together is enough for me.


The parakeets are good too... almost 9 years old.  They keep the background chatter going.


My cat just turned 18 in May and he hasn't adjusted very well to the move since he can't see and its a total change in environment.  I feel so bad.  He follows my voice and slowly makes his way around the apartment and if the gets lost he howls so I go rescue him. 


I've been gone awhile and I'm sad to read about Connie and Julie and Xerxey's Mom.  I hope all their babies are taken care of!

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