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Posted by chispa66 , 15 June 2014 · 7,918 views

Hi everyone. New to this forum. I have a Quaker, he is about 3 and 1/2, I got him when he was almost 2. Happy, healthy funny guy, but I cannot hold or pet him. He is fine with being independent and walking his cage and counter and sometimes the curtains. We moved about 2 months ago and last week I got him a new cage. He seemed leery at first and the next day just seemed tired. I don't think he got on the perch at all and hung on the wire walls. I was assured he needed to get "used" to the new cage and it was only 1 day. By the 4th day, I started seeing wet food (his seeds in a clump) in weird places. 3 spots. I washed his cage inside and out and then moved his perches and toys. All was well until today (9th day) He was hanging upside down and spewed food when I was by his cage. Again, the wet clump of food. He is drinking water, but has not touched his fruit. He is more smelly than usual but has not bathed. I have been spraying him and wiping his feathers down to keep cleanliness up. I am washing the cage again tomorrow, but I don't know what to do tonight. I have been told they do this when they want to mate or if they are sick with bacteria... He does move around but not as active as before the cage swap. 
Any advise would help, I am a novice with a Quaker, but I LOVE my Buddy.

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