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Yogi Sings Itsy Bitsy Spider

lol he has the cutest singing voice wub.gif

I love the way he says spider <giggle>. It comes out as spoiderrrr rofl.

he even changed up the order of the words to suit himself hehehe

Of course you won't see him, because the minute I left the room the little stinker moved out of camera range dry.gif

I'm a pretty proud parront right now

    Casey's Mom
    Dec 21 2008 10:56 AM
    Yay Yogi! biggrin.gif So cute! wub.gif
    Dec 21 2008 01:20 PM
    congratulations to you and him good job biggrin.gif hes so cute
    Sandi Kiwis Mom
    Dec 21 2008 06:26 PM
    Oh my gosh, I love it! Wish my kiwi would do something like that....
    Mar 17 2009 02:33 AM
    This makes me laugh sooo much. This is so increadibly cute. I love the way he says spider! And I love how there is so much enthusiasm when he sings the "rain" part. Adorable:)
    OMG! That's awesome!!! lol sooooo cute! I have mine on my shoulder right now and she screamed the whole time waatching this! hehe