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The Happy Hobo

Buddy loves to beg for food. This is a simple trick to teach your bird. If your interested in learning to train your parrot to do tricks, contact me, or post to me.

    Cute trick. Would appreciate any tips on training my bird how to do tricks. Any help appreciated.
    Brody the Grey
    Jan 22 2005 05:20 PM
    Buddy is way too smart. I loved that Video.
    Jan 26 2005 10:33 AM
    That is soooooo cute. How did you take the movie and get it on the board?
    I would love to be able to teach lucky to do tricks like that.
    If it's possible to teach him at his age. whitch i really hope it is.
    Any thing you can tell me would be really really appreciated.
    thanks tom
    smile.gif Just wondering if you could PM or email me the steps you used to teach your bird that. I would like to teach my little Tequila to do it. She has been home for 2 weeks now, and already waves, and kind of mumbles good girl. Thank!!
    .tha trick begging fr food is fantastic. what a clever boy