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MoonJi : Flying to the sky.....

MoonJi : Flying to the sky.....

I went to my cottage with my family and Moonji today.
It took 1 hour from my home to get there by car.
MoonJi flew high and back to me when I put MoonJi on a tree in the garden.

    That is beautiful! I am glad he came back!
    Feb 04 2007 11:52 AM
    What a beautiful photograph, not only from a technical standpoint but also from the artistic! Does Moonji get to fly outside often? Did you train him first?
    I think there are two things.
    One is a confidence the other is experience.

    I brought MoonJi when he was three months old.
    I never caged him in a birdcage since he's born.
    He lives in a living room freely with us.
    I think these could give my confidence to him.

    And I bring him to my cottage every weekend.
    When I get there then I put him in the big garden.
    First time when I put him in the garden,
    I have cut his a feather a little to prevent an escape.
    But now, I do not cut his feather.

    Whenever he flys outside, he returns from the flying smile.gif
    Sep 01 2007 07:10 AM
    Oh wow! That's so precious that you can let him do that smile.gif