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  • I love you 2
    I love you 2
    aww he loves his baths. Why the missing fethers> I love my quakers. Yours are a buite.
  • cracker
    Cracker is a pretty girl , pit bull is a cool name for a bird. Now cats, I am pretty scared of that, although we have four dogs, and they don't hurt the parrots, thank you very much. How do you...
  • Yacus RIP 05/29/12
    Yacus RIP 05/29/12
    Bless her little heart. I love this picture.
  • Carmeleta and Lola
    Carmeleta and Lola
    Such pretty little birdies!
  • Maui :)
    Maui :)
    is his wings clipped? or is it a freeflgihted parrot?????

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