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Our Rescue Story

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#1 kim1971



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Posted 21 January 2011 - 11:55 AM

I have three rescued birds in our home. An umbrella cockatoo which is thought to be 11 or 12 now, a quaker (age 8) a lutino lovebird (age 5). And I also have a Congo African Grey which came from an amazing breeder.

My U2 came to me from a lady who had rescued her from a home with 2 other cockatoos which were all kept in a garage heated by a kerosin heater in winter (did I mention we live in ND) She was at her last home for 7 months when the girl who took in all three cockatoos from that garage said she couldnt deal with her "constant screaming" and was afraid she'd be evicted from her trailer as a result of the noise coming from her home. I had been working with a breeder to get a baby U2 as I really didnt want to have a "second hand" cockatoo I wanted a baby which I could raise to be how I wanted it (loving, accepting, gentle, and fairly quiet).However just a week before my baby was ready to come home the breeder informed me that she would not ship the bird unless all stops were above 40 degree's. Like that would happen in Illinois, Minnesota and ND in JANUARY! And I was devistated I was so close to my baby U2 which I had watched grow up in photos and read about progress in emails and then it all vanished. So I began my search again and found a rescue that was 100 miles from me I contacted them and as luck would have it that friday (it was weds) they were getting in a U2. So we made plans to meet and the second I walked in and saw that white bundle of feathers and held her for the first time it was like she was meant to be mine all along. I then went to the home of the person surrendering her to obtain her cage and belongings...

When we pulled up I was takenk back by the living condtions. I am not one to judge as everyone needs a roof over their head but I couldnt imagine letting my dogs live in that place (I sound horrible dont I). But I put on a happy face as this was a happy occassion the girl before opening the door told me to forgive the mess she was in the middle of getting ready for new furniture to arrive. She opened the door and the smell of ammonia from urine overwhelmed me as well as my son who was 3 at the time he wanted to leave right away. In her living room of this single wide early 1970s trailer she had 3 cockatoos (including the one I took) 4 parakeets, an amazon and 2 cockatiels. The only window in the room was covered by a urine soaked mattress and the flooring was coming up, cracked and ripped. She explained to me that my new family member liked certain toys and put them all in a bag for me. We carried the cage out put it in my vehicle and I left. When I got home and examined the cage it had mold growing on it and was covered in poop in places I had no idea poop could get. The perches were growing mold also. And the smell from that house had soaked into the bars. I was to say the very least sickened

But to say sudden change is good for a bird is a lie so as recommended I put her cage together with all the things she "knew" and fed her hoping for the best because I knew the next day I was going to be traveling another 100 miles one day to buy everything new, this bird deserved new and clean. After I bedded her down for the night I sat down to check my email and there was an email from the lady telling me that she (the bird) was stick trained and the stick was in the bag, if ever she got to a height I couldnt get her from or she wouldnt step to me to use the stick. I had read about stick training and never thought twice about it. Well as the nights turned to days and the days turned to weeks I discovered many things. My baby girl whom I had wanted for a few yrs wouldnt eat with the lights on, she paced back and forth nonstop, when she did eat she clung to the bars. And when outside of her cage and not willing to step if I got "her stick" she freaked out not to mention anytime anything is held in your hands no matter what it was from a cup to the hose on the vaccum her crest went up she hissed and acted like she was going to get beat. She didnt know how to play with toys or that she was supposed to chew wood or even how to crack a nut bigger then a sunflower seed

Here we are sometime later and we have worked on many things, she is still phobic of things held in our hands no matter how many times she sees them and there are certain things (hats for example) that still set her off. Her weight it up since I got her, she doesnt scream all the time, and she is the U2 I dreamed of. Yes she is loud and yes she has a ton of dander and yes she can be moody but she is a U2 my dream bird and we love her. In fact I adore her more then words can describe(when she's not screaming :lol: ) Occassionaly her previous owner contacts me and I reply with a short note saying she is well but Ive got so much anger towards this woman. Because the issue which caused her to rehome my baby girl "just happened over night" and shortly after that she rehomed the other two cockatoos because they too "developed fears over night" makes you go hummmm doesnt it.

Next we have the Lutino lovebird who joined our home because our peachfaced lovebird who was an amazing little bird passed away a year ago and my finacee and son (now 4) never got over his passing and both kept asking for another "little bird". He is 5 yrs old and has a big personality. He is not aggressive but he does bite if he see's fingers. We dont know his history but I can only assume someone use to shake their finger at him alot or maybe hit him on his beak because he is totally great until he see's a finger. A hand he doesnt mind but as soon as its just one finger he freaks out.

And lastly comes my quaker. I never really wanted one always viewed them as the little pit bulls of the bird world (see my store under introductions) I feel in love with him instantly when I held him. He's missing a toe and has some feathers missing on his upper wingers (what would be our shoulders) is not cage aggressive and loves me. Or atleast I like to think he does seeing as he purrs when I come around, likes to hang out in my shirt and if he is with someone else and I move away from him or try to leave the room he will come after me. I adore him as I adore all 4 of our parrots.

I have no intent to get another parrot or animal for that matter. We now have 4 parrots, 2 dogs, 2 snakes, a hamster, a firebellied frog and the breeder crickets to keep the frog alive. When we bought this house in June of last yr we designed the bird room to only hold a certain number of birds and I am happy where and what we have now. However a friend of mine asked me just the other day "just how many birds do you need" my response was "as many as need me":D

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#2 KevKaos


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Posted 21 January 2011 - 01:40 PM

That was a good read. Thank you for sharing, and for giving these unfortunate birds a better life.

#3 Birdysue


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Posted 21 January 2011 - 07:39 PM

Wow, I love to read stories like that. IT is so unfortunate what happens to animals.. I have rescued two horses,a dog and I call my tag rescued but the wonderful man who owned him wanted him to have a female parront cause he really likes women and his wife was not interested in birds.. So he had a great place to live , was well taken care of, and was loved enough by Dan that he let him come to me. :rolleyes:

#4 davidk


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Posted 21 January 2011 - 08:56 PM

OH MY GOD!!!! Please for the sake of those birds and any more this woman might have. Report this woman, turn her in to the authorities. This ah, person sounds like an absolute beast and has no humanity whatsoever. We have to keep people like this from creating these horror cages and abusing these poor animals. They all deserve better than this.