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Enter Hank, The Newest Member Of My Family

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Posted 01 July 2011 - 01:06 PM

Hi Iain!!

We are doing awesome! Hank continues to be the Stooper Trooper - living his life however his mood sees fit each day.

We went through a happy phase where he would lovingly wake up with Chula and I for an early morning bowl of cereal and a shower - then he would get valet'ed over to his Daddy so he could wake Dad up. We had a nice routine - then he got bored of it and now won't step up for me until I see him AFTER WORK! No more AM showers with Hank.

He now allows me to play the Tickle game with him - but only one tickle and only under his right wing. Not left - only right.

I can reach into his cage when he is in his snuggle hut and rub his beak gently and let him run his tongue on my finger. Only for about 20 to 30 seconds - then he holds my finger in his beak and shakes his head. It doesn't hurt - not really a bite - but just supposed to intimidate me.

He steps up with much gusto - it's funny watching him hop up on my finger.

His bath tubs are refreshed daily - usually he bathes every other day. And his feathers on his leg that he had plucked have all grown back into downey fluffiness (don't tell him that) so he has stopped plucking completely. Tells me he shouldn't have been bathing in his drinking/dunking water! He also lets me touch the previously plucked area - I check for quills and progress - and I can manage a good inspection with no bites. When he tires of my prodding he give my finger his firm shake again.

No words from him, but lots of Harpo Marx gesticulations!

He is getting friendlier with me and even flying to me! I know, I was shocked when I was sitting with my back to the den and a green bird landed on my shoulder. I assumed it was Chula - but it wasn't - because she doesn't kiss and preen my chin the same as Hank does. She actually makes kissing noises - Hank makes little grunting mumble noises and takes little pinchy nips of my skin as he preens.

Hank and Kevin have a daily discussion regarding the placement of his shiny toys.... Hank believes they belong draped OVER his perches - Kevin relocates them so they hang next to perches. He does like to shred some paper now and play with more things in his cage - but you will never SEE him do it. You just find bits and pieces at the bottom of his cage.

He is definitely a fun pet! Who knew he could be so mean yet so adorable!

Don't be a stranger - fire of an e-mail once in a while. I will reward you with PHOTOS!!!! he he he