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Yacus RIP 05/29/12

Yacus RIP 05/29/12

Kubus lost his love and long term companion early Tuesday morning due to complication after laying bonded egg.
After 20hrs in ICU (animal 911)finally she pass an egg.Pick her up Sunday. afternoon. She was very tired but happy to be back home with Kubus.She ate food,play a while with her toys and sleep.on Monday morning after she woke up ate a little food and went inside cage where she slept for all day.On the evening I notice she stopped passing poop and eating.She didn't make her Tuesday morning vet visit. She pass away around 5am.She was 8,5 yrs old,still young.
RIP my dearest Yacus! You stay in my heart forever.

    Feb 16 2013 05:34 PM
    what a gorgeous parrot, sorry to hear about that.
    Bless her little heart. I love this picture.