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Tanyaa's Blog


My Quaker, Darwin, Has Passed Away

Posted by Tanyaa , 15 April 2012 · 4,378 views

Hey everyone,My quaker parrot has unfortunately passed away. He left us heart broken. He was fine the night before, being the cheeky monkey he is and the next morning he was on the floor of his cafe, struggling for breath. I tried everything i could, and took him to the vet, where later on that day they phoned me to tell me he had gone. What i am trying t...


Please, Help! Its Heart Breaking

Posted by Tanyaa , 03 January 2012 · 1,720 views

Hello,My parrot cannot eat as his beak is in pain, as i stupidly peeled off a piece of skin off his beak as it was hanging off. I am so upset about what i have done and feed him through a syringe. I feed him pureed fruit and puree his seeds as well. I was just wondering if his beak would heal? Would he be able to eat again? I am going to take him to a bir...


Help With My Parrot!

Posted by Tanyaa , 21 October 2011 · 1,190 views

HeyMy parrot pukes up white peanut sized ball shaped things ever 2 weeks and i was wondering if that is at all normal? I am really worried and would appreciate it if you helped out http://www.quakerpar...if  ThanksTanya


My Parrot Keeps Chucking White Balls Out His Mouth

Posted by Tanyaa , 13 October 2011 · 1,293 views

Hey!My Quaker, Darwin, shakes his head up and down and eventually in his mouth he chucks up a white ball that is size of a peanut. This has always happened ever since we bought him, Is this normal? I worry that something is wrong with him.ThanksTanya

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