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Fids Say The Darnedest Thing!

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#41 arnies_mom


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Posted 28 September 2007 - 03:11 AM

quote name='equineRtist' date='Sep 9 2007, 07:26 PM' post='345699']
These are so funny and too cute!

My Kiwi calls me Mimi and yells for me...sort of quiet at first, then louder and louder. If I don't answer her, she yells "WHAT, KIWI!"

She barks like the tiny Poodle her previous owner had and cries like a day-old human baby. When she cries, Bo laughs hysterically!

When my Blue Front was alive, she yelled "Boatwreck" if something scared her.

She hated my DH, but when he had food, she 'd say "Oooooh, you're a pretty girl" and fly down off her perch to have some of it. He called her a hypocrite. She had a HUGE vocabulary.

Debra Kerr, the actress, had a yellow nape and a DoubMexY Head. One would say "Come on over Darlin' and the other immediately answered "Don't you darlin' ME!"
hi the other day I wanted to wash the Kitchen floor so I moved all my birds into the living room I no sooner got the mop and bucket out and I hear a voice coming from the living room saying comin play with me comin play with me I looked through the door way and there was Fergie looking right at she said it agai comin play with me so being the doting mama that I am I went and played with her needless to say my floor didn't get washed until later on in the afternoon when Fergie had her afternoon nap[

#42 TJ Maj's Mom

TJ Maj's Mom

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Posted 15 October 2007 - 03:38 PM

What I find the most amusing is when Maj will land and say "OW" or "DXMNIT"

Also one day I was in the bedroom folding clothes with my DH, I thought Maj had already went to sleep but the next thing I know I heard myself laughing. DH said if I wasn't sititng next to him quiet he would have sworn I was in the other room laughing histerically.

And this one wasn't my baby but I used to visit this Animal rescue quite often, it was a "Zoo/Animal rescue" All the animals there were either hurt in some way and couldn't be released back into the wild or something along those lines. So they opened it to the public so the money could help pay for their care and food etc. Anyway they had this huge red mccaw who at one time had belonged to a fire dept I guess or lived near a fire dept. The zoo was set up out in the open so smoking was allowed in designated areas which happened to be near the mccaw area. Anyway "Archie" as his name plack displayed piped up one day when I was there with my ex who was a smoker and had just light up "WHERE'S THE FIRE" and let out this SCREEEECH. OMG I laughed for days about that bird.

#43 ducky1021


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Posted 14 November 2007 - 07:53 AM

The funniest thing my bird has said i can not say on here but here is one thing he says to me alot when he wants out of his cage and I am doing dishes or cooking: He will start off with HEY and I will say what Harley and then he will say come here and I will go no not right now mommy is busy and the he says You want to go out good boy get out go out! He hears me saying that to the dogs when its time for them to go out and now he says it he also barks like everyone of my dogs and laughs just like me lol hes a funny lil boy

#44 QTQP4me


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Posted 02 February 2008 - 03:43 PM

ok i can finally contribute! yay!

ok, louie the QP just started to talk. i call his name and he answers, "whaaat?" sometimes goofy the CAG will make a noise and louie will say, "whaat?"

goofy, on the other hand, is a chatterbox. we were warned when we got him that he knew the f word. well the other day my daughter was home (snow day) and apparently goofy was moving around his cage and bonked his head on a toy. he called it a f-er. yesterday he was in his cage and just unleashed the f-er about 10 times in a row. i had to tell him that was inappropriate...

yesterday i was in another room and i heard him say, "there ya go. i love you." then a smoochie sound. another time he positioned his bottom off the edge of his cage door then pooped. right after that, he said, "uh oh"

my fave tho, is whenever the cat comes around and goofy is out, he gives the cat the stinkeye and makes a fart noise.


#45 Tamy


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Posted 05 February 2008 - 01:58 AM

My Boo never shuts up! I'm home all day and he entertains himself by singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. He's got it down pretty good. When the dogs bark he tells them to "go get in your bed."
"go potty" AFTER he has already pooped
"Don't be ugly" when he is not minding
"Don't bite mama"
Bedtime ritual is of course "nite nite" then "mama loves Boo","Boo loves mama", The list goes on and on. I am usually in a wheel chair. Occasionally when I'm standing or walking I will trip and fall. Boo makes the most horrific sounds like sceaming and saying oooooo and no noooo nooooooo. While I am pulling myself back into the chair he has sound effects going on that sound like someone is dying. I think he watches too much television. biggrin.gif

#46 cyndrine



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Posted 15 February 2008 - 10:59 PM

Len will imitate the phone ring when we walk out of the room and he wants us to come back. The fire alarm imitation in the morning to wake us up that Quake and Len both do. Ouch is a current favorite when I am about to trip or walk into something, and the sneezing imitation really gets me because they won't stop tell we say bless you. His favorite game while playing thanks to my mom is to holler whee when he is hanging upside down from his favorite toy and spinning in a circle.

Quake also loves Good girl now since when i say that and she has been out and playing/training she gets a pumpkin seed treat. If i do not get her out at this point for at least a couple step ups and a treat need I say Earplugs are optional?

#47 Sutton


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Posted 05 April 2008 - 09:58 PM

If I yell at the dogs for something, or yell at one of the cats, Saby our Red Lory Parrot will yell, B-A-A-A-A-A-A-D BIRDIE!! He doesn't know how to say bad dog, but he knows SOMEONE'S being bad! It's so funny! First time he did it I coulda died laughing!

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#48 tomead


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Posted 05 April 2008 - 10:38 PM

I have lost count of Boogies words and phrases. We had hoped a few of the words he had learned at his previous home had been forgotten, but NO ohmy.gif We ask Boogie if he is a happy bird to get him started singing happy birdday which works nearly 100% of the time except for last week. My wife asked Boogie if he was happy, and Boogie responded with "Boogie is a happy F'ing bird" We make it a point to ignore the bad words, and even find words that sound similar showing no reaction, but this was just too funny with his timing and excecution of it.

#49 Kyla+Santi


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Posted 06 April 2008 - 04:51 AM

Santi gets quite cranky if I keep her up past her self-appointed bed time. SHe proceeds to call deafeningly into my ear and if anyone dares to talk tome, let alone touch me, when she wants to go to bed she absolutely flips out. She will run after them and try to bite, all the while going through her entire vocabulary, gthe funniest being kisses and 'good girl'. Once after she got my little brother reall well, I could have sworn she was laughing. It took all my effort to not laugh myself, it was so well placed and funny!

#50 Joseph


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Posted 17 May 2008 - 10:50 AM

What a fantastic thread! So FUNNY!

Smartie comes out with some corkers!

My cockatiel lands clumsily off her cage: Smartie says "Ouch!"

He can say "Ya dumb birrd", then after a moment's pause, "GOOD birrd".

When I was trying to teach him monkey sounds. After my best rendition he looked at me for a moment then announced, "You're funny!"

My son was holding him and some Chinese girls walked past chatting in their language and Smartie started copying them and then laughed! My anti-racist son was extremely embarrassed.

The funniest one is his impersonation of a cow having just eaten a sour blackberry. It's hilarious! I wish I could video it. It came about because I was showing him the blackberries near our house. I ate one first and it was so sour I flinched backwards. For some reason it only took one look at me to "get" to him. The next one I offered him, he flinched back dramatically then swooned sideways one way and then the other. It was very funny. Every blackberry he tried had him doing this little hammy routine. Well the next thing was we turned around and there was a cow standing behind us. Then the cow gave a series of moos. Smartie mooed as well. The next blackberry I offered him began with the reeling, swooning routine and finished with a neck-stretched-forward "Mmmrrrrrrr!" He does it regularly now and it's always such a laugh. It's even funnier when you know that he actually IS being a cow having just eaten a sour blackberry.

#51 Quakerperson


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Posted 20 May 2008 - 04:20 PM

This is such an old topic but I stumbled on it so I though that I would try to get this started back again.

Well My two favriot things that Sam (my bird) says is when I leave the room I say "Good Bye" and he copys me. Then one day befor I even had a chance to say it he said "Good bye" Then when I was about to praise him he interupted me and said "good Boy"

The second one is not that funny to me but it makes others laugh he would bite me and say "Good boy" and let out a evil laugh.

thats it.

#52 birdie72


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Posted 22 May 2008 - 09:26 AM

My parrot Coolio loves to pretend to be talking on the telephone. He'll assume a serious look and nods and nods and says, "ok, ok" "hum-hun", "ok", "bye!". He also likes to ask people "have you been a good boy?" whether you're a man, woman or child. If he has to stay in his cage longer than usual he'll holler "Help! help!" "I want out!, let me out!". He is 12 years old this month. tongue.gif

#53 gypsygal


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Posted 23 May 2008 - 06:12 PM

Last night I was dishing out veggies to the fids.Dodger had his favorite mix of squash peas and broccoli..the macaws had half ears of corn on the cobb.Sebastion was apparently having trouble hanging on to his and dropped 2 in a row..after the 3rd and last ear hit the floor Shelby looked down at the corn and promptly said "well shi*!"

I think the funniest thing Dodger says is whenever Shelby or Sebastion say "Hello" He quickly replies with "Goodbye" Or he always tells the dog "Sonny, go lay down" even when the dog is nowhere in sight. He will also call himself a "silly green chicken" LOL silly fids...................

#54 tomead


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Posted 23 May 2008 - 10:26 PM

Lance my CAG has an amazing vocabulary, but he get's funnier all the time. The other day my wife was walking down the hallway with DaVinci (her red bellied parrot) within eyeshot of Lance. Lance gave a Wolf Whistle and looked right at my wife and said "Can I pet your birdie?"

#55 Bones6


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Posted 05 June 2008 - 01:26 AM

Rufus, my QP, takes a shower with me everyday (Got one of those shower perches.) So, I put Rufus into the shower, and turned around to brush my teeth before going in.

Well, I have my back to Rufus, when I start hearing Rufus whistle "Pretty bird", whom a friend of mine taught Rufus while we were talking over Ventrilo. Told me it was the easiest thing for them to learn, and taught it to Rufus in 15 minutes... Was hysterical!

So, anyway... Rufus starts doing that, then out of nowhere screams "Come on, Come on... COME ON!" I nearly freaked out! I quickly stopped brushing my teeth, and began laughing hahaha

#56 bird-man-iac


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Posted 08 June 2008 - 04:20 PM

I HAVE A NANDAY CONURE .. RICKY OR RIC RIC AKA ZORRO when it gets to be nite time he says nite nite --- nite nite --- and one day he was on my shoulder when i was on the puter and he leaned down and said what cha doing he also says i love you ,,hello ,and give me a kiss and i kiss him and he says give me a kiss this is a game that he loves to play .ricky is nine years old i have had him 8 months .. no one wanted him no more i am the third owner...

#57 jeskew725


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Posted 09 June 2008 - 10:42 PM

I love all your stories! Can't wait til I have my own to share! I think my baby is trying to say "good bird" and make kissy noises. I'm surprised it hasn't picked up the cat's constant meowing yet!!

#58 RobertsKitty


    Griffin's Mommy

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 08:16 PM

Yesterday Robert and I were clipping one of my guinea pigs nails while Griffin watched from his tree. I was leaned over with my back to him while Robert held the piggy still. All the sudden out of no where Griffin started laughing hysterically just like me. I am pretty sure it was just to get my attention but it was SO perfect!

#59 Seamus O'Malley

Seamus O'Malley

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 09:49 PM

laugh.gif I am SO new to parrots, but whenever I hear one talking, I am so amazed! I have a couple of stories that may make you laugh!

The other day, I was visiting with my FID, Seamus. We were having a really bad thunderstorm and the shop owner said, "while you're here, I'm gonna go next door and get lunch". When she opened the door, there was a huge bolt of lightning and a loud clap of thunder. Pat said, "I'm gonna make a run for it". I was in the back room with Seamus (trying to bond!) and all of a sudden, I heard Pat's B/G Macaw say, "uh-oh". (I'd never heard Archie talk, but people had told me that she talked all the time!). I said , "hi Archie". She said, "she's gone!!" I said, "Archie, are you ok?" Archie said, "uh-oh" again. It was so funny. She forgot that I was in the back room with Seamus, and that she was alone, so she started talking! When I answered back, it's almost like she was embarrassed, and had been caught "talking"! I can't believe that these creatures are so smart!

The other story, is...last week I made one of my visits to see Seamus. When I opened the door of the bird store, I'm face to face with a BEAUTIFUL Yellow Crested Amazon. She says, "hello"! (while lifting one of her wings!) I tell her , "hello, you're such a pretty bird"! She spreads her tailfeathers and says, "thank-you!" We all started laughing and she imitated her owner's laugh EXACTLY!!! Then the owner started telling us how she'll (Lobo) will re-create phone conversations she's had. Lobo will say, "yeah...ok....yeah....whatever you decide.." I am so amazed at this!! I love these animals!

#60 Midori



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Posted 17 July 2008 - 11:13 PM

My birdy Midori copys my laugh everytime i laugh, and sometimes when i am not laughing. Sometimes when i am being sarcastic and say, ha ha, the bird will just start laughing really hard, its great.

One time, Midori was being super bad, screaching so loud i had to take him outside. Usually, i never, ever get mad at midori, but i was really fed up so i yelled at the top of my lungs, "BIRDY!!". Midori looked at me and i said, "Your alright." Midori leaned real close to my face and said, "your alright" in my exact voice.

Currently we are trying to teach him Hello, and to laugh when i say Ha Ha, yet i cant seem to get him to talk when i talk to him, he just talks randomly.