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Twizzie's Got Itchies!

I tell him, "I'm gonna get your itchies!" He's saying that and other things about fresh water and getting a bath. At one point he says, "Let's get those potato chips!" dry.gif Wanting chips is his worst bad habit! But he is so darned cute when he wants them! wub.gif

    awww babys got the itchies!!!! I LOVE YOu Twizzie wub.gif
    Zeus and Mum
    Aug 26 2006 07:10 PM
    That is SO sweet. wub.gif
    Twiz you are the only bird I can get my Zeus to sit and listen to. He'd listen to you for hours on end.
    You sure are amazing!!!! wink.gif

    Zeus & Amanda
    wub.gif How adorable.
    He's so smart!!!!! He sure commanded my baby's attention.
    Thank for sharing Twiz. He is amazing. smile.gif