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I Was Not A Happy Camper Today

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#1 jaytee


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Posted 17 June 2012 - 12:49 AM

I got it pretty good. :rolleyes: My mansion is in the Florida Room, right next to a huge window, over looking the pool. Lots of cardinals, Blue Jays, Sand Cranes, and frogs stop by to keep me entertained. The slaves come by on a regular basis, and convince me to sing (gotta keep 'em entertained :wacko: ). Most days, the slaves go out side, and act like clowns, outside my window, but today, they were outside, just out of site, talking, moving stuff, making all kinds of noise, and they IGNORED ME. Can you imagine? :angry:

I yelled, and screemed......... no one listened. :mellow: On the rare occasion that a slave would come in, I was almost ignored. Posted Image I ran up to the door, and insisted it be opened, and they gave me some excuse on why they would not obey my wishes. :angry: ( we're out side working...... we can't keep an eye on you..... what about the dog?........ DOG?!?!!???? He barely looks at my mansion, I don't think he even knows I exist. :blink: )

Finaly, ME, and my mansion were taken out onto the patio. Posted Image Then they ignored me again!!!!!! :angry:

I watched them taking all this stuff out of a small building, and cluttering the entire yard. :blink: A nasty stench was in the air........ smelled like dead rats :unsure: , I have NOOOOOOOOO idea why they were over there, in that stench. STUPID HUMANS. :blink:

Finally, the comotion ended, they came to the patio, and brought my mansion closer, so I could better oversee them. :) 2 large pizzas, Posted Image , and all I got was scraps. Posted Image

The whole day, they treated their master like the stench that was in the air. :angry:

I'll get 'em!!!! B)

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#2 Siobhan


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Posted 17 June 2012 - 04:05 PM

Hey, Tweety, I've had slaves for four years now and I know all about punishing them for bad behavior. Ear bites work really, really well. Trust me, it hurts and you don't even have to chomp very hard and use up precious energy you could put to better use, like pooping on their new shirt or squawking directly into their ear after you bite it. Don't cut them a break because they're not trained yet. You have to punish them severely now so they'll be afraid to not obey you in the future.

#3 Jan Cullen

Jan Cullen

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Posted 17 June 2012 - 09:34 PM

No excuses are acceptable Tweety - they must do what you want them to do. Personally I like to scream in my slave's ear when she least expects it, turn my back on her if she doesnt come when I call, and dont speak to her for the whole day when she drags me off to the vet (which is every week at the moment). I yell abuse at the vet when he puts his fingers on my body and he puts me back in the cage pretty quick. As to pooping, I save it up for when she comes home. And I try to do it on her before she gets into her "bird" clothes. Getting it in her hair is especially fun cos she sometimes doesnt know it is there and goes out with it. Get them into line quickly Tweety - after all, they are there for YOUR pleasure.