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Twiz Is Still Working On His ABCs!

Twiz hasn't been talking much lately. He just wants to build all day. But I just got an hour of him talking up a storm! This clip is him reciting letters and then congratulaing himself! tongue.gif

    I love it when he says "C'mon, let's do it! You read?" He is adorable!
    Twiz is soooo smart. I have watched his videos many times. Our Pooka will be 1 yr on July 5. so far, she wolf whistles, whistles part of "charge" says her name as Pooka-dooka, and we think she is also saying goodbird. my husband heard her say okay when I had just said it to my mom on the phone and her best trick so far is being a watch bird. her cage is in front of the windows and since the dogs love to bark at anyone out there (especially the mail man) she has learned to swawk (her bark?_) and here come the girs so see what is going on. these birds are so much fun.