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Goofy Twiz

blink.gif He's saying"Uh oh!" and looking for imaginary birds. Then he wants to go to the kitchen for dishwater. Finally he calls himself a redbird! There's never a dull moment with Twiz.

    Twiz always makes my day! We have a Sun Conure that can say a few things but Twiz seems to have a sense of humor. biggrin.gif
    Zeus and Mum
    Sep 19 2007 06:39 AM
    wub.gif Twiz you're a pure joy to watch.
    He sounds like my Nikki when he says Uh Oh laugh.gif

    He is so cute!
    Uh oh is Sprouts fave word to say at the moment! LOL I love watching this little guy wub.gif
    I hear: You're a good helper, who's the best bird, and let's go get the fresh water bottle. Makes sense to me! Also hearing, loving, and cracking up at : it's right there and good grief! Man, I have to get video of Mango on here so's y'all can translate for me!
    How did you get twizz to behave so well?