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Perplexing problem

I am posting this hoping that it might help anyone who encounters their Quaker having this problem. It stumped several Avian Vets and knowledgeable bird folks, and cost plenty of time and money to identify what was going on.

After having medical tests, and being recommended more costly tests, I sent the video to Dr Ellen Cook in advance of my appointment. When I arrived, she assured me it was behavioral and she was indeed right.

The problem stopped when I moved Poppy and Maddie into the same sleep cage. What you see is what Maddie was doing every morning within 5 minutes of waking. I was scared to death. This was just weird!

    Alice's Mom
    Jan 13 2011 08:16 PM
    So may I ask, exactly is it called or what its purpose is? Alice does this sometimes. She is an only bird. Why do they do it?