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Well - I guess I am amongst friends. :)

don't be too harsh - just watch how much fun Pluto has. tongue.gif

    OMG how absolutely adorable! biggrin.gif It's kinda hard to tell WHO is having the most fun! lol

    You two look like me and Morgan...some day I'll post a movie...IF I can get her over her Camera Shyness...lol
    That is the sweetest cutest thing I have seen in a long time! I agree! Its hard to tell who is having more fun!
    Dawn, Snuggles, Marchello and Maggie
    Jul 11 2005 08:36 AM
    cool.gif This video is wonderful! I laughed all through it. He loves music I see and is a good singer.
    smile.gif laugh.gif This is the cutest one yet!:)
    Wow this is a funny one!!!!! :rolleyes:
    Who's having more fun???? :P :D
    This will be historic!!! :D :excl: :P
    wow. best thing i've seen in a while. thanks! laughed most of the way through it.

    incidentally, you have a good voice, from what i could hear. bet you'd do well in a recording studio if you haven't tried that before. can you sing without a parrot on your shoulder? biggrin.gif
    that was so adorable thats my fav one laugh.gif
    wow looks like both of you are realy happy