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Silly Twiz

He's saying, "Can you make that sound?" Then he is trying to imitate our silly fish sound which is, "Popp, popp!" After that you can hear what he thinks of the whole business! laugh.gif

    Hi my name is Debbie, and my bird, Blue-Boy just loves all the lil vids. lol When he first heard them he was just a jabbering an said hello but now for some reason he wont say a word lol But thanks for having these on here maybe it will help Blue to talk more, Thanks, Debbie an Blue-Boy
    Mar 28 2006 08:43 AM
    Thanks! Don't give up on Blueboy. Keep talking to him and playing with him. You can probably tell that Twiz loves to act silly, so we try to have fun with him. We act excited and make funny sounds, sing, and clap and yell when he does a good job. smile.gif