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MoonJi : I don't like the coins

I don't like the coins, please give me the paper moneys smile.gif

    That is so funny! MoonJi is really a little character, isn't he? Thanks for sharing your movies.
    Apr 22 2006 09:47 PM
    Moonji is so funny! I love his movies! Has he learned to pick up the coins and put them back? laugh.gif
    Too funny!!!! I think he likes hearing the clink on the ground. Did you see the "wait" and his reaction to the impact after he tosses one?
    Sandi Kiwis Mom
    Sep 21 2006 09:28 PM
    that is really cute how he picks them up and tosses them on the floor.
    My sister's African Grey does the same thing, but then she'll say "Uggh Pick it up Annabell!"

    I think Moonji just likes the noise they make when hitting the floor.