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Pluto - Go Potty

Thought I would take a quick clip of Pluto going Potty on demand. He learnt to "Go Potty" the afternoon I began to teach him. And now on the third day he will generally go on the first command. I am a proud mummy! smile.gif

You will notice at the end that he is very excited that he went potty. smile.gif

    Mar 12 2005 06:33 PM
    That is so cute. It was just like watching a movie of Pepper.
    Just wondering if you would be able to PM or email me the steps you used to teach Pluto to do that. I would love to teach my Tequila to go potty on command. Thanks so much!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
    How did you teach him to do that? That's awesome, I saw something like that on Animal Planet but with a cockatoo, and I want to teach my little quaker that trick. He's only two months old right now, so It'd be good time for practice. smile.gif
    Yes lol how did you teach him...and about how long? It'd be even greater if you could teach him to let you know when he has to go potty again so you can take him to it instead of him going on you lol that would be very cute..well if you could give me the steps thanks very much..mauhz kiss kiss sincerly,
    Tim and Caustina
    how did you train your quaker
    to go potty on the paper.