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#1 Carrie~Anne


    "The Sound of Birds Stops The Noise In My Mind"

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Posted 18 September 2010 - 04:31 PM

1. What is your first name and general location?

My name is Carrie~Anne, and I live in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

2. What do you do for a living?

I am employed by one of the major law firms in Kamloops as a legal assistant. Dealing mostly with civil litigation and criminal matters. However, I have been off work, on long term disability, since October 2009 due to a medical illness.

3. What are your (other!) hobbies?

Love to read, current book is The Sixteen Round, by Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (based on his life story). Huge fan of Anne Rice, working on collecting all her books on hard cover. I enjoy playing poker (texas hold em) and used to play on a bi-weekly basis. Once I get settling into my new place, I have plans on having a ladies poker night, once a month. I also make bird toys (for my own guys) in my spare time.

4. Share something interesting about you.

Well, some of you know this, but we have a number of new people on the forum, so I will mention it. I was diagnosed in late 2008 with Meniere's Disease: Click~Here. If you take a few minutes to read the link, you'll see that while it is not a life threatening illness, it can be life debilitating. I have a rather severe case of it. Since 2008, I have gradually gotten worse, to the point that I am now not working, and there is a good chance I will never be able to go back to work. I was diagnosed with bilateral Meniere's (meaning I have it in both ears) in 2009. At the age of 32, this is not common at all.

Due to the major changes in my health, I had to go through the heartbreaking situation of rehoming most of my birds. I was a breeder of show quality Cockatiels and Lineolated Parakeets. I made the choice to rehome all my tiels and the linnies, because they were the ones that took the most work (I had 8 breeding pairs all together and one female Cockatiel who had bonded to another female tiel), and while they were all handable and pet quality, they would be the easiest to find new homes for. And I did. I found a wonderful woman who took my linnies and then another woman who took ALL my Cockatiels, so that they were able to stay together. I still keep in touch with these two women and it's nice to get updates and pics to see how the birds are doing. I miss them, and breeding, something awful. Posted Image I may get back into breeding one day....but that day is far off.

If you want to know more about Meniere's Disease and what I am going through, feel free to ask me about it. I'm not embarrassed to talk about it and I think the more information that gets out there, the better it is. There is no cure for the disease, and doctors are not entirely sure as to what causes it. It is an invisible disability that sometimes I find more difficult to bear with then a visible disability, because some people often think it isn't serious....that is until I have a vertigo attack in front of them, or worse a drop attack.

5. What is your biggest passion within the subject of birds/bird keeping?

Ooo I have several. Breeding is a big one. I 100% support breeders who practice good breeding programs. What is a good breeding program? Easy answer, but a long one, that I will leave alone unless someone wishes to know the answer.

The survival of parrots in the world (in people's homes as pets, as well as in the wild). Far too many species of parrots have been extinct or are on the verge of extintion. This is horrific, and completely unnecessary. Education is the key. Which brings me onto my next passion...

Education our children on the value of parrots in the wild and as pets. I spent a great deal of time in 2006 and 2007, trying to educate some of our future aviculturists. It was fun, and exciting work!!

6. What species are your birds, and how did they get their names?

17 year old Tiko is a presumed male Congo African Grey. He came to me from another member of the forum several years ago. He already had the name Tiko, and he knew it, so we kept it. Contrary to popular belief that all Greys talk and they talk well, Tiko is the exception to this rule. His entire life, he has only ever said one word, "Ruby". Which was his first owners dog. I believe Tiko has had a total of 4 homes, mine being the last. Considering the amount he has changed hands, this bird comes with NO baggage. He is a bit cage territorial, but that is normal with parrots and not a concern of mine. His last owner, Ron (Uncle Zippy) did some amazing work with Tiko before offering him to me. He got Tiko on a fabulous diet of pellets and fresh foods, got him to come out of his cage (he was a bit cage bound when Ron got him), and turned him into a bird that demands at least 45 minutes of one on one contact which means....me cuddling him into my chest and rubbing his head/back area. Simply said....he's spoiled! Posted Image

Max, DNA'd (3 times!) female, is my sweet Quaker. YAY right!!!! She's a devil, I tell ya. Oh she loooooves me, but is very particular about other people. Hates all other birds. She got her name because it sounded tough and she looked tough, even as a baby. Posted Image

The Conures....Chi Chi, DNA'd female, is a Green Cheek Conure. Lo Lee, DNA'd female, is a Maroon Bellied Conure. These two were brooder mates and I got them about a month apart. Lo Lee was a failure to thrive chick and needed some extra care at the breeder before being released to the pet store. However, due to possible future health issues because she was a FTT chick, the breeder didn't want her going to just any one. So the pet store owner contacted me and asked me if I would be willing to take on Lo Lee. Wasn't too keen on it, simply because we had just added Chi Chi a month before, but they sucked me into it and I've never regretted it. These two share a cage and are my most social birds. They will go to any one who will ask them to step up.

7. What is the favorite toy for your flock?

There isn't just one....Tiko loves to shred the newspaper at the bottom of his cage. Max loves birdie bagels and adding machine tape. The Conures prefer us humans as their choice of entertainment. They just crawl all over us. Hang off an elbow, or my reading glasses, or whatever they can. In their cage, they don't really have a favorite toy, prefering one another's company with lots of allopreening.

8. What is your flock's favorite food?

Scrambled eggs, pasta, rice, almonds, sigh...and the list goes on.

9. Share a favorite bird story.

Well, I've already shared a few stories, but one of my favorites is....when Max was younger, we used to take her out in a flight suit. She didn't mind too much. One day we took her to Subway...they were giving away subs for cheap prices if you donated a non-perishable food item. So my boys and I walked down to Subway. Once we got there, me and my youngest waited outside, because you couldn't take an animal into the restaurant. Well, we stood off to the side and pretty soon we drew a crowd. People wanted to know about Max. So I answered their questions. One fellow, who was in his mid 30's, looking sort of like a biker (leather pants/jacket, BIG guy, etc.), asked if Max bites. I said no (she never bites people if we take her outside), and asked him if he would like to pick her up. The guy sort of stepped closer and I said to him, hold your finger out, and say step up, I'll do the rest. So he holds up finger out, says 'step up' and as I moved Max in closer the guy quickly pulled his hand away. Well, Max started laughing like a crazy bird. She thought is was hilarious!!! Most of us did too, this big biker guy scared of a tiny Quaker parrot Posted Image Posted Image

10. How long have you been keeping birds?

I officially have been keeping birds for the last 6 or 7 years. But the year prior to getting my first bird, I spent a lot of time reading up on them, trying to find out if birds were right for me. Actually, as soon as I began inserting myself into various online avian groups, I was completely in love with parrots. And quickly became an adovocate for them, even though I hadn't owned one yet.

11. What sparked your interest in them?

Well, like most bird lovers, I loved birds as a young child. I was more interested in the wild birds at that point though. I didn't know any one with parrots. Then my aunt and her daughter acquired a few tiels, finches, canarys and I was in love! But the thing that finally got me, was a cockatiel by the name of Maestro. He was an ex-b/f's bird. This bird was not very nice, but he was such a hoot!!! He would seranade your socks, and chase your feet around quite peturbed that you kept moving his 'potential' mate away from him. After seeing Maestro, I was caught hook, line and sinker.

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#2 jaytee


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Posted 18 September 2010 - 10:02 PM

Very interesting read. Thanks for sharing. I clicked on the LINK you provided, I wouldn't call it broken, but I don't think it does what you meant it to. ;)

So many things to comment on! :unsure: Hmmm?

Aside from learning more about your condition, this one really got me. :lol:

...the guy quickly pulled his hand away. Well, Max started laughing like a crazy bird. She thought is was hilarious!!! Most of us did too, this big biker guy scared of a tiny Quaker parrot Posted Image Posted Image

Those little bundles of feathers can be so intimidating, and those big, burly guys, are sometimes, afraid of spiders, and snakes. What a combination!!! :lol:

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#3 Carrie~Anne


    "The Sound of Birds Stops The Noise In My Mind"

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Posted 18 September 2010 - 10:16 PM

Don't know what it is up with the Wikipedia link but it is definitely NOT working....no matter how many times I tried. So I put a different link in there which does work now.

Yeah, I will never forget that day. Definitely was one of the highlights of life with Max :)