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Lost And Found Birds -- Guidelines

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Posted 20 November 2009 - 01:38 PM

The following are the guidelines to be used to post in this forum:
  • Topics started in this forum will not be visible until a Section Manager has reviewed. The Section Manager may contact the topic started for additional information or clarification. Replies will be visible immediately but will be moderated
  • Topics started in this section must include all information necessary for the reader to be able to take some action if they can help. A link to another website/forum without the information relating to the details of the lost or found bird will be deleted
  • Cross posts are allowed in this forum ONLY. If the topic starter is cross posting from another forum/website the topic starter is responsible to seek the appropriate permission to do so. The cross post must include all information in the post along with the link to the source information. Once reviewed the Section Manager will determine if the post is complete and whether or not the link is required.
  • Bumping is NOT allowed in any forum however more importantly in this forum. Please ensure that your replies are relevant and either asks a question needed to recover the bird or provides information that will be helpful in recovering the bird or getting the bird back to his/her owner. Keep in mind that the topic starter will be following the topic and will be receiving notices each time their is a reply on their topic. This is a traumatic time for the persons involved and they would be following many avenues to recover the bird or get the bird home. Returning to this forum to check topics that are being bumped takes away from the time that should be spent trying to recover the bird.

    We understand that members would like to provide support however this forum is not to be used for that purpose. If you want to provide support please post a seperate topic in another forum.

Please start all topics as follows:

Topic Title: Lost - whatever species of bird OR Found - whatever species of bird
Topic Description: Location: location bird was lost/found