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Kiwi My Re/Rescued Quaker

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#1 jusme2943



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Posted 03 July 2010 - 08:15 AM

My sweet Kiwi is doing well! Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh. I've been a little busy the last couple of days, so last night I had a little time with him. He loves to sit on my shoulder when I do dishes. It was the funniest thing watching him. I thought at first maybe he was just thirsty so I gave him some water to drink, and he stuck his entire head in it and splashed water all over me! Then we were both laughing! The stinker was wanting a bath! I wasn't going to give him a bath because it was so late.. so I just loved on him and promised him one today. Posted Image

I'm dealing with a little bit of empty nest syndrome, and I have to say my little Kiwi has helped me so much. It's nice not to feel so alone when the kids are gone, and he keeps the house from being so quiet. Posted Image

I've noticed Kiwi does this funny thing that I had a question about. Every time he seems comfortable he starts bobbing his head. It's repetitive, and then he will stick his neck out, repetitive also.

Kinda like: bob, bob, bob, bob, stick neck out...
bob, bob, bob, bob, stick neck out... repeat..

It reminds me of one of my children.. I know this is going to sound wierd, but when my little Macee was growing up when she was very tired as a little girl she would rock herself to sleep sometimes. She rocked everywhere, it didn't have to be in a rocking chair. It was a self soothing kind of thing. So when I see that Kiwi starts doing this head bobbing thing that is what it makes me think of. Then he kinda starts closing his eyes. Is that a normal thing for quakers?

I have just enjoyed him so much.. and watching him.. and learning from him.. has been such a joy. Posted Image I am very thankful for your website.

Oh and something else kinda crazy.. I have now lost about 10lbs since I've gotten Kiwi! When you have a bird, and you think about what you need to feed the bird, you start feeding yourself better too! Very much a win/win situation!! Posted Image

Sorry I wrote a book.. just had a lot to post!

#2 KittyKitty


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Posted 04 July 2010 - 08:56 PM

At any point does he remind you of someone ready to throw up? They do that - to show love. They pretend (and some actually do) to regurgitate food on you in order to show affection.

Kiwi loves you!:wub::wub:

You must be doing something right by him.

#3 jaytee


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Posted 06 July 2010 - 06:21 PM

They're so much fun to be around. :) The head bobbing is usually a sign of contentment, or happy excitement. Sometimes when SMOOCHES is about to say something, he bobs his head a few times, then the words come out. Sometimes he bobs his head, then something else comes out. :o :lol:

#4 Siobhan


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Posted 06 July 2010 - 06:36 PM

Jade bobs her head most of the time. When she's really excited, she bobs it faster than ever. Clyde only bobs when he's giving me a good-night "hug." For some reason, when I say "give Mama a kiss good-night," he puts his head into the hollow of my throat and bobs, so I call that a "hug." Posted Image Don't worry about your Kiwi doing it; if it was harmful, Jade would have succumbed long, long ago! Posted Image On the whole, it sounds like Kiwi has adjusted beautifully and wormed his way right into your heart. They excel at that. Posted Image