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Lots Of Sleep While New Feathers Appear

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#1 Seraffa



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Posted 27 June 2014 - 09:14 AM

Hi all; it's really fun getting to know you and your birds. Thanks for the friendly welcomes.smile.png


I can't believe it's day 5 already of Pauly being home. Her learning curve for rehab has been steady, although yesterday we had a mild setback because of a bad storm system south of us that produced a Tornado Watch. I didn't feel good, and neither did she!


However, patterns are emerging, and I'm trying to check them against what I learn from parrot books in general to prevent any bad habits from forming.


There was something good that came out of the bad weather and her new diet. Pauly is accepting Worldly Grains instead of her old boiled rice, and in the mornings when I get up, we have eggs together out on the back step as of this morning  where a lot of wild bird and squirrel activity can be observed. Today was the first time she balanced herself on my naked hand, and tried to groom my skin without biting.wub.png


Fortunately I found a funky, cool college radio station to play while I am here and while I am away, and she seems to relax to it as much as I do. Since she has no companion bird yet when I'm working in the evenings, I face her cage to the window and cover the back part, put on a night light in the wall socket below her, and put the radio on softly beside her. When I got home I partially opened her cover so she could see me sitting on the bed, and didn't turn the light on. I brought a green bean in the dark and was speaking to her, but she didn't want to speak, and lunged from far away. She didn't say a word for a whole half hour, so I left the cover up so she could see me climb into bed, and we both fell asleep until sunrise. Not even a peep or a mumble.




Today Pauly is chilling on top of her travel carrier (I make sure it is below my height so she doesn't get uppity) and it seems to relax her that she can hang out without being in the cage. But instead of being active or complaining, she is tucking her head behind her wing and sleeping, sleeping, sleeping.........and I see new pin feathers emerging from her tail. That must take a lot of energy, cos she's lost a lot of feathers. There are some toys next to her and I show her how to use them, but she's not interested. She wakes up, yawns, I talk to her and scratch her head, she says nothing, and usually goes back to sleep.


How might this last? Until all her feathers are restored, maybe??

#2 easttex


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Posted 27 June 2014 - 01:04 PM

Sharing eggs with her is a good thing while she molts. Feathers are mostly protein, so especially if she is having to replace a lot of feathers at once, a little supplement won't hurt. Hard to predict how long it will last. I've found with my indoor birds that molting goes on a few times during the year, never losing all that many at one time. And not all feathers are replaced every year. But if you have one who plucked a lot of them, they'll all try to regrow. This might be an especially hard molt for her, and hopefully she will let all the new feathers come in and leave them in until it's time to replace them. Has she ever seen a vet?

#3 Bene_Gesserit


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Posted 27 June 2014 - 03:19 PM

I wonder, too, if she's low energy because of her previous poor diet. She may be literally on the edge of malnutrition. I only thought to mention this because my cat was starving outside (someone abandoned him) and slept for WEEKS when I first took him in. He woke only to eliminate and eat.

#4 Seraffa



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Posted 28 June 2014 - 10:12 PM

No Easttex, she never saw a vet, ever. The hindu family that had her literally did not care what she was, or gave her any value. That's why she came complete with cage for only $50. Pretty ridiculous sounding when the head of the household was a real estate broker? 


Bene_Geneserret: very good point.

#5 LindeeV


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Posted 30 June 2014 - 05:38 PM

Mine seem to sleep more when they're molting, and I've noticed that they seem hungrier when they're growing new feathers. Louie, especially, can't get enough to eat when she's growing feathers out.