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New Feathers, New Birdies, And A Cleaning Question

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#1 Seraffa



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Posted 06 July 2014 - 10:47 PM

ph34r.png  Well - I did it. I got Pauly some roommates today in another cage. I've read little about quarantining, but -- I was so desperate to get this guy some other bird life around him that I had to do it.auly started biting and getting aggressive whenever he would see me dress for work. his is one OVERLY human dependent bird; allowed to do "whatever" by himself in a garage for 8 years, used only to 1 human being, then stuffed into a cage for 2 years, plucking his feathers out, because he had never been trained and everybody thought he was their bit of decor they could tease or ignore whenever they wanted to. He is too dependent on me as a substitute mate to sop up all his positive and negative attention-getting tactics.


By the way -- Pauly HATES one word! The word is POOP. He actually turns his head towards you and looks angry when you say that word. He also hates people imitating his scream back into his face. Pauly and I watched YouTube with Quakers learning things, and he loved it even if he didn't cooperate half the time. He learned one new thing: how to loudly kiss a real kiss on command!


The 2 new roommates are dusky conures that are 1 year old and not trained yet, but presumed to be male and female. I think they are. One is bigger than the other. He seems to be a male cos he will always snuggle up behind her. But it could be the other way around. I'll have to find a conure forum. Their beaks are SHARP and I'll have to have them visit with Gary once they have been here a few days. I have heard how much more powerful their beaks are compared to Pauly's, and I'm a little scared. But they are GOOD birds. They grew up together.


I turned everyone out onto the back steps when Pauly took negative attention getting to new screams when I came home. He was indifferent to the Conures, so that was not the problem. in fact, turning everyone out while I did desperately needed housework was the logical thing to do; with cages buttressed up together (almost) the female conure came over to try and speak a little with Pauly. He enjoyed it, but, stubborn bachelor that he is -- he never initiated, only allowed himself to be approached in conversation. Heads were bobbing and some friendly noises interchanged, but also the Conures' energy level is different than Pauly's. They are always "on".


Pauly's small playground helps keep him from shrieking at all hours but he screams if he hears me emit a hiccup from accross the room, even with soft music playing for everyone. Daytimes I put on old classic radio shows, and Jazz. If I'm traveling with the birds I put on the classic radio shows that have a lot of talk so that while I run errands, they don't feel like they're abandoned.


Why didn't I get another Quaker? -- I guess I wanted a good example in front of Pauly before I got a match for him. Also I had heard that if put together in a cage, a Conure has enough physical strength (and maybe more) if  Quaker should try to cause a bit of trouble. A person with 2 quakers that grew up together finally emailed after I got the Conures, so that wouldn't have worked out. I wouldn't want Pauly fighting some other male over a female.


So I have 2 new birds with a giant home cage and their traveling cage only slightly smaller than Pauly's home cage. Then I have Pauly's travel carrier dry.png 4 cages! The newest cage is so much bigger that I could easily see 3 or 4 birds living in it. The Conures plus cage cost me $250. The new cage in the old owners' eyes cost $60 more than the birds themselves....wacko.png


I guess I have a long road ahead of me. I could always sell the Conures after giving them training. Or let them mate when they are mature, and sell Conures. But Pauly is the problem one. I want him to get out of his old modus operandi and become more than what he is.


The upside of all this is that I am really throwing away all the old stuff I never use anymore in my room to make things tranquil and spacious. The other upside to this is Mexican people who see me take Pauly for a stroll in public are enthralled and want to know where they can get a parrot like him.

Pauly likes when people are in a group around him, but when he's with dark skinned women only he becomes suspicious and begins ignoring or defensive behavior. He's fine with guys. 


Pauly's playground: it's a tray with a laminate bottom but all natural  unfinished wood fixtures in case of the need to chew. Now the wood has poop all over it. How do I clean this, please blink.png ?










#2 easttex


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Posted 07 July 2014 - 04:30 AM

Poop-off is a good, nontoxic cleaner that does what is says, and is safe to use around, but not on, birds. I buy it by the gallon on Amazon. You can also use vinegar and water.

I'd think twice before putting the three birds together in a cage. Housing any parrots together carries risks, but putting Pauly in with a bonded pair could be disastrous for him. Even if it looks okay at first, things can change on a dime, and Pauly would be at a disadvantage. It might be fine, but I wouldn't take the chance.

#3 Seraffa



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Posted 07 July 2014 - 09:21 AM

I agree. I was just reading the Parrot Wizard last night and even those hes trained his 3 species to get along in a basic way fights will always erupt from time to time even in a large open air aviary!